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It continued its historic lead, but gave it some height by putting her own hair in a bun and using it to give the wig that big. Wonder woman dominated the cinema scene last year so. Though out of the mainstream. And wonder woman is one of her specialties. Quickly rising to popularity with comic book readers.
This particular version of wonder woman is just plain dope, boots and an awesome duster more befitting of a crime-fighter.
Photo - elemental photographyokay. The renaissance take on cosplay is both welcome and refreshing even though it has to be murderously hot, the interesting thing about this series starting as a series of pinups is that pinup duds are surprisingly practical for crime-fighting -- at least compared to what a lot of women were wearing in wwii. Wouldnt it be cool if boba fett abandoned his mercenary ways and joined the ranks of the rebellion armed with a blaster and some bracelets of submission or. Marie and fellow designer tess fowler created warrior wonder woman reminiscent of some of her appearances in justice league of america and a valkyrie wonder woman of meagan and designer tess fowlers own creation. Apotheosis cosplay captures the dolls design down to the minutest detail from the flared winged shoulders to the lace-up boots to the trademark steampunk bustier and goggles.
Theyre both the smartest person in the room at all times.
This one takes the cake meagan-marie left no detail unnoticed when it came to her rendition of a post-apocalyptic wonder womankamui is an fantastic artist when it come to making cosplays.